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Moebius 4 (Epic) - The Long Tomorrow & other sci-fi stories [CBR
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Moebius Epic Sci-fi Graphic novel

2009-05-27 22:31:03 GMT
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Moebius (epic Series vol 4) - The Long Tomorrow & other science fiction stories [CBR]

Note: There's quite a few dupes in this book if you already downloaded 'stories from heavy metal'. Some of them, however, appears here in color (like 'split' and  'a christmas story) and as with the rest of this series volumes extensive explanatory notes by the master himself is all over the place

Quote [Jean-Marc Lofficier (editor)]:


A new planet slowly comes into view of a massive starship.
A Jonely private eye stalks the teeming throngs of an impossible metropolis.
A heavily armored spaceman cautiously explores the craggy landscape of an alien world.
Today, all these images, and more, have become familiar to us through a number of big budget, special effects laden science fiction pictures, such as Star Wars, Blade Runner, the Star Trek series, Men, Aliens and Enemy Mine.
But, in reality it all began with the written word. In science fiction magazines such as Amazing, Astounding, F & SI, Startling Stones and Galaxy, such giants as lsaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Clifford 0. Sirnak, Jack Vance and Robert Sheckley used the power of the written word to take us on the exploration of unimaginable new vistas. In essence, these men, and many others, were creating the first mindscapes of science fiction,
They were ably assisted in their tasks by a bevy of incredibly talented illustrators, such as Frank R. Paul, one of the first and one of the best, Virgil Finlay, Ed Emshwille, Frank Kelly Freas, etcetera. These artists were the first to visualize the mindscapes of science fiction.
The stories collected in this voume were originally published in the early 1970. Some of them are presented here in color for the very first time. But they all owe a great debt to these pioneers. lndeed, they represent a sort of link, or transition, between their mindscapes and today’s updated versions, popularized by the films listed abowe.
For example, in Blade Runner you will find more than mere echoes of The Long Tomorrow. And, if you look closely at the first panel of page eleven of that same story somewhere in the background, you will discover the inspiration for the Imperial probe of The Empire Strikes Back.
Eech generation thus conitributes to the overall enrichment of the mindscapes of science fiction."



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Are these in English, French or another language? I just downloaded THE LONG TOMORROW short story by itself and it was in Spanish (language was not posted).
EDIT: the version of T.L.T. I downloaded was from another site.