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Battlestar Galactica S04E20 720p HDTV x264-CTU [eztv]
Video > HD - TV shows
2.19 GiB (2347220505 Bytes)
2009-03-21 07:04:51 GMT
eztv VIP

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Up in the middle of the night for this - thanks!
Thank you!
EZTV, you rock.
seed pls!
is this the 20-21 double ep or just 20, and 21 released later?
I think that this release contains 2 episodes in one mkv because the size is 2GB.
Absolute genius!
Two very very minor glitches but still A10 V10.
All this has happened before...
@ xxhaz07xx

Do you really think, that works...?
whats with the fucking commercial spam shit lately?
Nice one, once again eztv.
f*cking leechers
Thanks again
Wow what an episode !

Awesome, cool music too.

This is probably the last episode of BSG !

See you in space ! =D
No wait... :)

See you on the other side ! =D
I have enjoyed this series ending as much or more than any television program I have seen in a long time. It is actually quite humorous. It also ties together most of the major threads, leaving only insignificant details left untold.

Thanks for every in the CTU capping crew who created this upload, and to everyone seeding this most massive swarm in recent history that would nearly 20,000 over night Friday night.

The premium 720p viewing totally rocks on my Western Digital WD TV box attached to my 52inch Sony XBR6! It was a yummy view!

Ricasca, go kill yourself.

Would have to say I was a bit disappointed too.... its a very good episode, but there are far too many loose ends.
But I suppose no sci-fi show has ever ended properly, except perhaps Babylon 5, where the story ended before the series ;)
M0vi3Blitz, you should go help Ricasca, then top yourself too.
great work. uploading a episode that`s fucking useless! who the fuck uploads a SEASON FINALE in the dumbest filetype on earth! i really hate you for this. frack you!
STFU saltehfan. Go complain somewhere else and watch shitty quality if u want. Lots of .avi-files for a n00b like u to watch
saltehfan you are fracking idiot. mkv files are what hd files are encoded in. if you want shitty avi files then look for the 350mb version.
Does this have 5.1 audio?
i love you, i love you, i love you, you can have all my lsd, and all my weed, and all my cylon super drugs and everything. thank you mr. eztv.
Much Gratitude towards the crew who put this together. Thanks for taking the time to up this stuff.
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