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Video > HD - TV shows
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2009-01-31 09:48:42 GMT

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Could someone explain why people keep releasing these episodes in sets of 20+ RARs? If there are any advantages, please educate us.

Because I only see disadvantages. Namely, more people are likely to abandon seeding these RAR torrents because of the extra disk space required to keep the non-viewable RAR torrent around. Torrenting the raw MKV file, however, allows the same file to be watched and seeded. No unnecessary redundancy.
I agree with the RAR. There is ZERO compression advantage. It looks like you are trying to hide something. Not everyone knows what RAR is (although they should) and the biggest point is you can't watch the show and seed at the same time. You have to extract it and watch. So some people will delete the RAR's and choose not to seed.
From what i gather from reading quite a few similar complaints with intrest, the answer is that a file broken up into smaller pieces seeds faster with less chance of corruption. I hope this goes some way to answering your question.

^^ Right... it has to do with recoverability and not with compression. Most of this stuff is still distributed on USENET, which is where are a lot of these practices got started.

With 2TB hard drives readily available, are you really having problems with available disk space?

Read and learn StarlitVoyager.

And I do mean the whole page.
The best episode of the whole series.
ALIEN68- Thats just because you haven't seen the next one yet. When it does, its going to blow your mind. deals with DC. In DC it was common to MANUALLY download one file from multiple peers so therefore there was an advantage to have files split into RAR (otherwise you had to download the complete file from one peer). Another advantage of RAR that used to matter was that while unraring the file an integrity check is done so you would know if any piece was corrupt.

In Bittorent all this is done automatically (it downloads from multiple peers and it does an integrity check of the file after download) so RAR for bittorrent is completely redundant.
That site is really OLD! And it is about DC which is a totally different (did i mention obsolete?) protocol. No1 uses that anymore. I'm a real big fan of Rar, but NOT FOR MOVIES. Its totally pointless.

Like Starlitvoyager said: "more people are likely to abandon seeding these RAR torrents because of the extra disk space required to keep the non-viewable RAR torrent around" This is very likely to happen if you have any idea of chancecalculation. The problem with HD's is that they are ALLWAYS full. Humans are gatherers, just like squirrels. There's allways a bigger nut.

I really make a point of seeding, especially hard to find stuff, but series in rars I delete right after unrarring. BT is really not for social ppl anyway. Only what's hot goes, the rest is abandoned, incomplete or takes forever.