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2006-12-09 23:43:45 GMT

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UnRARed by Me.

Date: Dec 8, 2006

The Passage   

 Starvation threatens the Colonial fleet after the food-processing
 machines become contaminated; D'Anna and Baltar explore metaphysical
 matters. Luciana Carro. Lucy Lawless.	


Useless torrent: RAR is not a disease, it's a standard


" M0b1u5 at 2006-12-09 11:46 GMT:

ORENJI, You stupid motherfucker - when are you going to learn to stop making fucking RARed torrents? You truly are a stupid fucking dickhead who doesn't understand the torrent protocol"

Best comment ever, hilarious....the stupidity

He ORENJi if you see "him" tell RELOADED not to RAR OK? :P
rar is stupid for torrents, but is probably fine and dandy for DC
Rar IS a disease. Thank you for the upload.
.rar format is basically left over from the old days of ftp and slow internet.
all torrents released to private trackers that are scene only releases are archived. but in reality non archived stuff is much more likely to get seeded for longer periods of time because people are more likely to keep the file from the archive and not the archive it self
RAR is not a disease. I make no such claims.

It is a perfectly practical way to distribute large files in the Usenet world. BitTorrent is the mainstream of P2P. At this point it is no longer practical for end users.
You stupid IDIOTES!!! We could not thank anyone enough for taking there time to provide us with all this videos.... in any formate or shape, IDIOTES!!! Don`t mind this fuckers ORENJI... You`r doing a fine jobb. I for one appritiate it!
I appreciate Orenji's work too, and I never said I am not. If you read my post carefully, you can notice a "Thank you for the upload." part.
I only said, that I hate the rar format, because it is inefficient and inconvenient.
My disk space and network speed is limited, but I am not a parasite, so I want to seed it back. For that reason, I never download rar-ed torrents.
ORENJI does a great job. RAR makes sense for USENET. I don't really need to download the file in chunks so I choose to use this repackaged one for convenience.
Seems like I stirred up some conversation with my rant over at Mininova.

RAR is retarded - and I stand by that 100%.

If torrent makers want to RAR their shit, then that's up to them, but they have to stand and and take the abuse which they deserve for doing so.

Those people who are so blissfully free from the ravages of intelligence will continue to create and try to distribute RARed torrents. Those who have slightly more than half a clue will use the almighty AVI file, which we ALL know and love.

The Torrent protocol does NOT lend itself to RARing files, and the likelyhood of corrupted torrents becomes far higher. I have NEVER had a corrupted AVI torrent, but have had to delete well over 20GB of bullshit corrupted RARs in the last 6 months.

I am just sick of it - there is NOTHING to be gained by RARing - absolutely NOTHING.

All it does is fuck people off.

If you want Usenet - fine - go do that shit - but THIS ISN'T USENET - THIS IS BITTORRENT!

I for one am going to boycott RARed torrents, and continue to post abusive comments to people who post them.

Nice guys like Apoptosis get the props, and rightly so - because this is now a REAL torrent as opposed to a torrent of bullshit.

I have no doubt Orenji thinks he is being cool - but the fact remains, he is retarded, and so are thousands of others who joined that bullshit, corrupted torrent.

See, it doesn't matter if 6000 people are seeding, that doesn't make them smart; it makes them stupid. All it takes is 10 smart people to kick off a decent AVI torrent, and the rest will come.
M0b1u5 - if you would not have wrapped your facts in a lot of silly foulmouthing someone may have listened...

ORENJI have not posted any torrent BSG torrent here, some people posted torrents with their release of this ep. on this site - Trackers and TiAMO and I think.

Feel free to boycot whatever torrents you like. I doubt the rest of the millons of torrents users feel an urgent need to read about it in every torrent, though.

RAR does not make much sense for bittorrent, no, but it's not making any damage either (I've NEVER got a corrupt archive and it takes 25 seconds to unpack a TV show). Just be grateful to whoever bothers to upload and seed something you don't have.
Um...yeah. What joenameth said.
RAR is not a disease. It's a file format. Duh!

If someone chooses to use it, accept it or ignore it. You don't have to go around waving your AK47 in the air inciting Jihad on RAR files.

Grow up.
My mac hates RAR, always a problem. Don't see the point of these anymore either.
Thanks man, very nice. This serie have or is a drug for me now ;=) must have must have *smile*
It's in RAR format just to piss off all you p2p lamers, sceners hate you and love the fact that you bust a vain about it. If you don't like it learn how to encode your own shit and stop bad mouthing the groups that bring this stuff too you. None of this would even be on torrent without usenet DC IRC etc. Suck it fucktards.
ISO on movies i like, and avi for tv-torrents--great sucsess..
yes avi dl faster but if you are seriously bitching about about the whole 30 sec it takes to extract the files you need a life

just an opinion
by the way mobus you are a pathetic retard with too much time and let me make a guess about the avi thing you watch alot of porn and cant wait

ORENJI thanx and keep seeding episode 10 plz